Watch out, Rover, the NSA is watching what you're doing [CARTOON]

A new smartcollar for dogs should keep the spooks even busier

We've got a video you'd better see, Chief - the Wilson's labradoodle is drinking from the toilet.
Credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

This week in Las Vegas was the big International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where lots and lots of new gadgets were introduced. The one that most caught my eye, though, was a new smartcollar for dogs, the Scout5000, made by a company called Binatone. This smartcollar will sync with the owner’s smartphone has GPS tracking, speakers (so you can talk to your dog remotely) and a video camera (so you can see what he or she is looking at and doing). When I read about it, all I could think was, “The NSA is now going to be spying on a lot of dog's-eye videos.” You’ve been warned, Rover!

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