12 geekiest snow and ice sculptures

When the going gets cold, the Linux, Mac, Star Wars and other geeks get creative.

snow sculptures 1
Tech favorites

Not all tech weenies hunker down indoors when the snow starts piling up and the ice coats the streets. Some put on their mittens and boots and go to work creating fantastic snow and ice sculptures celebrating their tech favorites.

snow sculptures 2
Credit: Jbernhardt
Space Invaders alien
snow sculptures 3
Credit: 4chan
Snowman can't get away from his work

You'd think a snowman could cool it on the computer while out in the yard, but noooo.

snow sculptures 4
Bill Gates: Let it snow money

OK, it's not real snow, but the Microsoft founder trapped inside a little snow globe swirling with glittery money seems like a fit.

snow sculptures 5
Credit: Gizmodo
BlackBerry on ice

There might be some concern about the RIM BlackBerry smartphone freezing up here. Just make sure you don't stick your tongue on it or you could end up like the kid from the movie A Christmas Story.

snow sculptures 6
Cool Tux

The Linux mascot Tux the penguin in his natural element.

snow sculptures 7
Credit: HotelChatter
Tron-inspired hotel suite

The famous Icehotel in Sweden stays current with a suite dedicated to the new Tron: Legacy movie.

snow sculptures 8
Credit: ThinkGeek
Ice cubes as easy as Pi

Think while you drink with these cool cubes.

snow sculptures 9

Not exactly sure what shape this is, but be assured that you can use it for free as you would any GNU General Public License used for free software.

snow sculptures 10
Ice Mac

OK, this one's photoshopped, but seems more real than the white iPhone.

snow sculptures 11
Credit: Syracuse.com
R2-D2 chillin' out

Afraid the little Star Wars droid might get rusty.

snow sculptures 12
Credit: Joystiq
Tetris cubed

Hurry up and play before they melt!

snow sculptures 13
Ice Transformer

Optimus Prime, we can see right through you now.

snow sculptures 14
Exterminate and shovel!