Happy belated birthday, Linus Torvalds! [CARTOON]

Middle age hasn’t stopped Linux’s creator from delivering his classic rants

Linus Torvalds standing in a room saying, Wait, what did I come in here to rant about, again?
Credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Linus Torvalds is known for lots of things, like creating Linux and Git. He’s also known for not being shy about expressing his displeasure with technologies that he finds substandard. At the end of December, Torvalds let loose again; this time his ire was aimed at Apple’s HFS+ file system. Just a few days after that rant, Torvalds turned 45 which means he’s now squarely in the throes of middle age. As someone who’s the same age and often can’t remember why he came into a room, I can only imagine that Torvalds also has the occasional “senior moment.”

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