Next Issue gets some competition as Magzter enters the "Netflix of magazines" space

Subscription book services that let you pay a fix rate per month and let you read as many titles as you can cram in are old news at this point. Scribd, Oyster and Amazon's Kindle Unlimited are examples of this kind of service and there may well be even more.

But what if you prefer magazines to books? Well there's Next Issue, which gives you access to around 130-140 magazines for either $9.99/month or $14.99/month (the higher priced subscription gives you access to weekly magazines). That seems like a pretty good deal, but now Magzter is taking it to the next level with the introduction of Magzter Gold

Magzter gives you access to 2000+ magazines for $9.99/month, including back issues. There are Magzter apps for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows 8 (and you can read on the web as well) so most of us are covered. There's no commitment so if you don't like the service you can just drop it after the first month.

So clearly Magzter is a better deal than Next Issue, right? Well I think it depends. Magzter's 2000 magazines come from 50 countries and what really matters is which service offers the magazines you want to read. For instance if you go to Magzter's listing of all magazines available in Gold and filter on United States as country and news as topic, only two titles show up: Inside Jersey and The Intelligent Optimist. (I'm not sure I trust that page anyway, since if I pick "All" for country and news as a topic, I get results like The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running which isn't what I'd consider news.)

Next Issue offers Newsweek and Time, but only in their $14.99/month premium plan. On the other hand if you want to browse four different editions of FHM (Singapore, India, Thailand & España) then Magzter is the service you want. Bottom line, before you sign up for either of these services you'll probably want to spend some time browsing their selections.

Magzter does offer one other option, though. They have a Magzter Gold Lite service for $4.99 that gives you access to five magazines. That seems to be the way to go to me. I'm sure you can find five magazines out of the 2000 Magzter offers, and how many magazines do you find time to read every month anyway? I'm thinking of signing up for the $5 plan just to get access to UK-based gaming magazines like Edge and GameOn. $5 feels like less of a commitment, too. If I spend that and only getting around to reading a single magazine I still will feel like I got my money's worth out of it.

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