Test out fitness trackers and other wearables before you buy with Lumoid

Play with some wearables at home for a week before you decide

lumoid wearables
Credit: Screenshot by Melanie Pinola

Wearables, such as Google Glass, Jawbone Up, and Samsung Gear Fit, are the "it" technology trend these days. (Well, wearables and the Internet of Things, with everyday household objects getting internet access. In both cases, it's all about being connected.) But deciding on which fitness tracker, sleep tracker, or smartwatch isn't easy. That's where Lumoid comes in.

lumoid wearables Screenshot by Melanie Pinola

The site delivers you  up to five wearable devices for you to try for a week. That takes the hassle out of figuring out whether you really want, say, a Fitbit or a Jawebone device (or one of several other options). It's much easier to make that (potentially $200) decision when you have a hands-on experience and can compare your choices.

Reading reviews is one thing, but the only way you'll know if tech gear is for you is to try it out for a while. (I once ordered the Pebble, after reading reviews that suggested it fit my needs, but ended up returning it.)

If you find one you like, you can buy it from Lumoid directly. Otherwise, you'll need to pay $20 for the experience. That's not really a lot, considering most online stores charge you a restocking fee for returned tech items anyway, and here it's like renting five of them at once.

Lumoid also has a try-before-you-buy offering for photo and video gear. (By the way, if you're interested in eyeglasses, awesome Warby Parker lets you try out eyeglasses at home for free.)

Although Lumoid doesn't offer every wearable available for trial, it does have many of the newer ones. I've been meaning to track my sleep; now I can wear five of these bands at once for a week and see what they say. (Stay tuned.)

[h/t Talk Android]

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