Microsoft OneDrive just got a whole lot better for storing your photos

Microsoft has added some smart features to OneDrive

Microsoft wants OneDrive to be "the one place for all your files"--including your precious photos. To get there, the company has to keep innovating, since competing file storage services, Google Drive/Google+ and Dropbox, already have advanced photo features such as built-in editing tools and photo viewing tools such as Dropbox's Carousel.

The new features announced for OneDrive make it easier to view and manage photos. These include:

  • Automatically importing photos from devices connected to your computer to a new "Camera imports" folder
  • Saving screenshots directly to a OneDrive "Screenshots" folder
  • Viewing folders in albums (really, just a bigger, more focused view of your photos)
  • Automatically send weekly recap emails of photos you recently took
  • Searching photos by time, location, text within them, or tags (you create or automatically created)

That last update is the most interesting to me, since I'm usually too lazy to tag my photos or arrange them into meaningful albums. But with the integrated Bin search, I can now look up things like "snow," "dogs," or "beach."

onedrive photo update Microsoft

Google+ has this capability too, so it'll be interesting to play with OneDrive's version to see which is better.

I'm looking forward to more OneDrive updates. Keep 'em coming, Microsoft!

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