The $35 Windows 10 PC: the Raspberry Pi 2

The new version of the Raspberry Pi will not only be 6 times faster, it'll also run Windows 10 for free

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Credit: Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has been used by makers and tinkerers for all sorts of projects since the tiny, inexpensive computer debuted. The next version--the Raspberry Pi 2--not only greatly upgrades the hardware specs for the same $35 price, it also will function on both Linux and Microsoft Windows 10.

Raspberry Pi 2

Now boasting a 900MHz quad-core ARM processor and 1GB of RAM, the Pi 2 is a much more powerful little beast, with about 6 times the performance and double the memory. Like the older Raspberry Pi Model B+, the Pi 2 has four USB ports, a microSD slot, HDMI port, and an Ethernet port. 

These specs might not sound like much when compared to today's computers, but the original Pi was pretty capable as a Linux machine.

The Raspberry Pi 2, on sale now, will even run Microsoft's next verion of Windows, Windows 10. It's unclear if the Pi 2 version will be a special Internet of Things (IoT) Windows edition or if Windows 10 will natively run on the device, as it will on (also resources-limited) smartphones and tablets.  

Either way, this might be the cheapest Windows 10 device to get. Even if you're only slightly curious about Windows 10, this has got "impulse buy" written all over it.

Fopr more information about the Raspberry Pi 2 and Windows 10, check out the Windows IoT developer program.

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BRaspberry Pi
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