Grab Google Earth Pro, formerly $399 per year, for free

The advanced mapping software lets you fly and zoom into any location around the globe virtually

Google Earth is an awesome 3D tool for exploring our world from the comfort of our desk chairs. Google Earth Pro adds a great many features such as high-resolution printing and advanced data overlays. Best of all, you can get it for free, instead of the steep $399 regular price.

Google Earth Pro is designed for businesses and enterprise users to do things like evaluate neighborhoods for a possible store opening (e.g., see traffic data and demographics around a specific land parcel) or measure the distance between buildings or landmarks. But anyone who enjoys maps can now join in on the fun.

Instead of screen resolution only images, you get the high res ones. You can import your own GIS data and images, create movies, make your own maps, and more.

To get Earth Pro, fill out this Google form, download the installer, and then sign in with your email address as your username and the license code GEPFREE.

Congrats, you just saved $400. Happy mapping!

[h/t dealnews]

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