5 free apps for cleaning crapware off of your PC

You're only a download away from a cleaner PC

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Credit: Preston Gralla

Got a PC filled with junk, bloat, and crapware? It needn't be that way -- check out these five free utilities for cleaning out your PC.

PC Decrapifier

The name says it all: This freebie cleans the crud from your PC. It's a wizard-style tool that walks you through the process of cleaning it all out. It's small enough that you can install it on a USB drive and run it from there. And it does more than just cleaning out the crud -- it also finds startup items that make your PC sluggish as well.

Slim Computer

In addition to removing crapware, Slim Computer tries to fix other things that might slow up your PC. So it can disable unneeded services, for example, or change the order of startup items. It uses feedback from users to determine which software is crapware and which isn't.

Revo Uninstaller

This does a great job of finding and removing crapware, although there is one drawback: You'll have to remove each item one by one. Still, it's a great choice. There's also a portable version for USB drives as well. And there's a paid version, but I found the free one worked fine.

Should I Remove It?

We've all had the same experience: Seen a piece of software on our PC and wondered whether to remove it. This program gives you the answer, and does it by tapping into the collective wisdom of other users. It color codes the programs on your PC according to the percent of people who removed each of them (red for the most removed, for example.) And it also shows you the percentage of people who removed the program. Once you decide which to remove, it uninstalls them for you.


This bloatware killer comes with a twist: It targets the specific manufacturer of your PC. It knows what type of crapware are on each, and goes after then. It finds quite a bit, including desktop shortcuts and Start menu items as well as bloatware.

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