Google demonstrates multi-angle videos for YouTube

Have you checked out YouTube's latest experiment yet? It's a system that lets you view a video from several different camera angles. They call it the YouTube Interactive Experience (though it's not clear that will be the final name).

An Interactive Experience starts like any other YouTube video, but running down one side of the video you'll see thumbnails of the same (well I suppose it needn't be the same) content shot from different cameras. Clicking on one of these thumbnails (or tapping the corresponding number key) jumps you to that camera angle.

It's not perfect yet; there can be a bit of lag or stutter as you switch, but it has potential. As far as I can tell there's just one Interactive Experience video available for now, and it's of indie artist Madilyn Bailey. There doesn't seem to be a way to embed these yet, but the following four screenshots are from (nearly) the same time-stamp in the video.

Madilyn Bailey choose your view 1 YouTube
Madilyn Bailey choose your view 2 YouTube
Madilyn Bailey choose your view 3 YouTube
Madilyn Bailey choose your view 4 YouTube

This is a fun addition to a performance like Ms. Bailey's, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else clever YouTube content producers do with the technology. This could be a huge boon for 'how-to' videos, letting the audience see a home-repair project from different angles for instance. The gamer in me immediately starts thinking of ways to use the tech in some kind of 'choose your adventure' way. (We've already seen that done by linking videos but this seems like it'd be a cleaner technique.)

If you have a great idea for this new technology you can sign-up to get into the test program, though Google isn't providing any kind of timeline as to how soon they'll be making it available to people outside the company. 

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