Turn on Windows 10's God Mode for tweaks, secrets, and more

Master the new operating system with this simple-to-create tool

windows 10 god mode
Credit: Preston Gralla

Want to get the most out of Windows 10? Then turn on God Mode, which gives you hundreds of ways to tweak and change the operating system. I'll show you how to do it -- and it's a breeze. It'll work on previous Windows versions as well.

God Mode isn't actually a separate mode that you put Windows into. Instead, it's a hidden folder that has in it quick access to hundreds of tweaks and changes that are normally difficult to find. It's easy to put the folder on the desktop, and then get access to all those settings.

To start, make sure you can see hidden files in File Explorer. Run File Explorer, click the View tab, and check the boxes next to "Hidden items" and "File name extensions" in the Ribbon at the top.

Now right-click the Desktop and select New --> Folder. That creates a folder on the Desktop named "New folder." Rename the folder:


The folder icon will change, and it will be called GodMode.

You don't actually have to call it GodMode, by the way, because the text isn't what turns the folder into a special one. The string of letters and numbers inside the curly brackets does the trick. Use any text you want before the period just ahead of the opening bracket, and everything will still work the same.

Now you're ready to play God with Windows 10. Double-click the folder's icon, and you'll get to a folder with hundreds of actions, tools and tweaks. Whether you want to do something as big as tweak Windows 10's overall look and performance, as small as changing your default programs or adjusting the display, or as hard to find as restoring backup files with File History, you'll find a way to do it. Everything is organized by category. Each category displays a number next to it, showing how many settings there are in it.

By the way, this works with earlier versions of Windows as well, so even if you haven't given Windows 10 a try, you'll find God Mode useful.

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