Find out if you were spied on by UK's spy agency GCHQ via the NSA

You can file a request to see if your data was improperly accessed

By now, it's no secret that NSA and other agencies have been spying on citizens. But what about you, individually?

The UK's spy agency GCHQ has had access to the NSA's surveilance dragnets, TechCrunch reports. As a result of a landmark ruling recently that this access was illegal, anyone--whether in the UK or elsewhere--can submit a request to find out if GCHQ had access to your data, as collected and shared by the NSA.

Non-profit privacy advocacy organization Privacy International has started this campaign for you to find out if you were illegally spied on. The organization asks you to enter your name, email, and telephone number via an online form, and then it will search GCHQ's various databases for your records and request the records to be deleted.

Cynics among us will no doubt say, "Yeah, sure. Just give my personal information for collection and being put on yet another watchlist." Fair enough. With all of the privacy intrusions and snooping, it's hard to trust anyone anymore or enter information on a form without wondering where that data will end up.

For the record, though, Privacy International has been a UK charity since 1990 and regularly campaigns on privacy issues. While it might take months or even years to find out if you were snooped on, at least there's some possible action we can take now.

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