Get a free Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick with Sling TV

Sign up for three months of the $20/month television service and get a streaming stick for free

Sling TV is being called a potential cable killer. The new service offers popular cable TV networks--including ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and the Travel Channel--for just $20 a month. Sweetening the deal: If you prepay for three months, you can get a free Amazon Fire TV or Roku streaming stick or 50 percent off on set-top boxes.

The HDMI sticks will let you access Sling content and other services, such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Go. The Fire TV is normally $39 and the Roku Streaming stick $49. So $60 isn't bad at all for one of these streaming sticks and three months of cable via Sling TV--if you're ready to cut the cord.

Sports networks have been the stronghold for cable so far, but because Sling offers ESPN and ESPN2 as well as a few other networks (might require an extra $5 a month for all the sports channels), even sports fans might be tempted to switch.

I'm still stuck in a cable contract--something Sling TV doesn't have--but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. More options is a good thing.

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