ABC News comes to the Xbox One

ABC News app on Xbox One
Credit: ABC News

Earlier this week I talked about a potential rush of new apps for the Xbox One coming this fall via an update that will allow anyone to develop 'universal apps' for the system. That doesn't mean we're going to see an end of dedicated Xbox apps until then.

In fact yesterday we got a new one: ABC News. ABC says this is the "first U.S. news application" on the Xbox One and as such, I was pretty excited to install it.

Like the ABC News app available on mobile devices and the Apple TV, this app doesn't require any kind of cable subscription to access. Anyone can get both live (there are several lives feeds) and pre-recorded news footage as long as they have an Internet connection.

ABC News app on Xbox One ABC News

The Xbox One version of the ABC News app does have some unique features. There are sections devoted to both Marvel Entertainment and Fusion, and a local section that features content from ABC affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh and Fresno. This local content is not limited by your geographic location, so if you're a native New Yorker now living in Chicago you can keep tabs on the local news from back home.

Even though I run my cable TV through the Xbox One I don't watch a lot of news because I'm rarely in front of the TV during 'news hour,' so I really appreciate knowing that I can pull up this app and catch up on the important stories whenever I get around to sitting down in front of the TV.

You can read the full press release to find out more about the ABC News app for the Xbox One.

While we're on the topic of the Xbox One, let's talk about the March update. Microsoft has released a teaser video and the biggest news this month is screenshots. Finally! Now when you double tap the Xbox button you'll have an option to record gameplay or just save a screenshot. In fact the instant you double tap the button a screenshot is captured (so that you get the image you want rather than some kind of pause menu or whatever the game shows when it isn't the focus) and hitting the Y button just saves what has already been captured.

There are more features of course but being able to save a screenshot is something that seems long overdue. Take a look at the video to see everything that's coming in March:

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