Will the Samsung Galaxy 6 be the best phone ever? I've got rumored specs.

Here's what to expect when it's released.

samsung galaxy s6
Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy 6, due to be announced on March 1 at the Mobile World Conference, looks as if it might be the best smartphone you'll be able to get. I've got rumored specs and details.

The latest tease about the Galaxy 6 comes from a Samsung video, which promises "metals will flow." That most likely means you can expect the smartphone to have a metal body rather than a plastic one. And that matches the image shown on a T-Mobile Web site, Next Big Thing promoting the S6, which shows an image of the phone that appears to have a metal back to it. The images also show that the phone appears to have curved edges.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that two versions of the phone will be released, one of which will have what it calls a "3-sided screen." The idea is that if you look at the screen at a slightly off angle, you'll see additional information onscreen. It's a bit tough to visualize, so we'll have to see whether it's true. The same article also says that both phones will have 5.1-inch screens.

Digital Trends reports that the phone will have a mobile payment system, intended to compete against Apple Pay.

As for the software, expect the latest version of Android, Lollipop, 5.0, with some kind of Samsung TouchWiz layer over it. In recent releases, Samsung has taken a light touch to layering its own software over Android, so I would expect the same light touch with the S6.

As for what's under the hood, there's not much to go on. The GSMArena site claims to have a full rundown on the specs, including an Exynos 7420 shipset, 1440 x 2560 screen resolution, 3GB of onboard RAM, and a microSD slot with up to 128 GB of storage. I'd consider all that rumor at this point, though.

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