The Leonard Nimoy video about Y2K you have to see

No, the world didn't come to an end on January 1, 2000. But it's still worth watching this video.

Think you’ve heard of most of the things Leonard Nimoy did in his long, eventual life? Think again. I’ve unearthed a video that he narrated in 1999 called the Y2k Family Survival Guide. You can watch it at the bottom of the blog.

As serious fans know, Leonard Nimoy was much more than just Spock --- he was a Renaissance man who was also a poet, serious photographer, director, and stage, TV, and movie actor. Less well known, though was the hour-long video he narrated in 1999 called the Y2K Family Survival Guide. It was a VHS tape that accompanied a book of the same name.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, the video lives on. I’ve embedded it below. It’s certainly a product of its times --- portentous, overly serious, and occasionally over the top. You can get the flavor from some of Nimoy's intro:

Y2K. What does it mean? How will it affect you, your family, your community, your nation, our world?

Y2K. How can we prepare individually? How can we work together as global neighbors to make the best of whatever will occur before and after January 1 of the year 2000?

Y2K. From its historical roots to its possible effects on the future of civilization, effects that are so complex that perhaps only chaos theory can calculate the multiple ramifications of what may occur.

And as hokey as the video is, the chance to see and hear Leonard Nimoy is well worth the watching. He was one of the few people who could read the Manhattan phone book out loud and keep you entranced by it. So spend some time watching it. Then live long and prosper.

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