Valve announces Steam Link, a dirt cheap device that lets you stream content from your PC to your TV

Over the past few years while Valve has been moving its "Steam Machine" (dedicated gaming PCs meant to live in the living room) program slowly forward, I've voiced the same desire over and over again: give me a small cheap device that I can attach to my TV so I can stream my Steam games from the computer up in the office.

And now Valve has heard me and delivered! Yesterday at the Game Developers Conference the company unveiled the Steam Link. The Steam Link looks like a typical set-top box (in other words, a nondescript small box) but in fact it only does one thing; allows you to stream Steam content (at 1080P and 60 FPS) from another computer on your home network.

The best part is the price: $50. Couple it with a Steam Controller (and we're still waiting to see the final design of that) for an additional $50 and you're done. Both Steam Link and the Steam Controller should be out in November.

I still have some questions about things like voice chat for multiplayer gaming and whether the Steam Link has enough of an OS to support third party controllers, but I'm fairly optimistic that Valve has thought of these issues.

Full Steam Machines are also still coming and we should hear more about them later this week. But if you already have a beefy gaming rig in the office and just want to relax on the living room couch and play the games from that system on the big-screen, Steam Link seems like just the ticket. 

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