An easy way to make beautiful images for sharing

Pablo quickly turns text and links into shareable graphics

pablo blog posts
Credit: Pablo by Buffer

Ours is a sharing society and nothing grabs people's attention these days more than a great image and some concise text. Whether you need a graphic for a blog post, a social media post, or any other sort of sharing, Pablo might be the simplest way to create it. It takes just half a minute.

Provided by social media service provider Buffer, Pablo takes your text and overlays it over an image--either provided free backgrounds or your own uploaded photos. You can adjust the headline text formatting, the style of the text, add an icon, and more, but basically, it's a really quick way to create one of those share-worthy quotable images and send them to Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, or your local hard drive.

There are other use cases besides social media, Buffer writes. You could create product header images with it (e.g., for selling stuff on Etsy or eBay), to send event invites in email, or create lists or recipes that are more catching than text alone. Here are some examples:

pablo etsy
pablo recipe
pablo event

It's fun to play around with. It's free. And it could come in handy not just for play but for work too, when you need a captivating image for that presentation you're working on.

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