Apple Watch starts at $349 for 38mm Sport, while gold Edition model costs $10K

Yes, you will pay extra for 42mm large Apple Watches, but rumors of a $20,000 gold Edition model proved untrue. Pre-orders begin April 10.

apple watch march 9

If you’ve got your heart set on an Apple Watch, be prepared to pay some of the highest prices in the wearables universe when you pre-order on April 10. The absolute cheapest model—the 38mm anodized aluminum Sport model—costs $349, and you’ll pay another $50 more if you need the 42mm version. 

The sweet-spot Apple Watch, made of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish, leaps up to $549 for the 38mm model with the absolute most pedestrian wrist band, and tops out at $1,049 for 38mm versions with high-end fashion bracelets. Add another $50 to all these iterations if you have a wrist that requires a 42mm watch case.

But, hey, all the rumors of a $20,000 Apple Watch Edition proved untrue. On Monday, Tim Cook told us this 18K gold version will sell for just $10,000. You’ll only be able to buy the Edition at select retail stores, but hey, that’s exclusivity for you.

Pre-orders begin April 10, and on that day you’ll also be able to check out Apple Watch for yourself in Apple Stores. The watches themselves will begin shipping on April 24. And thus begins the grand reset of wearable tech. Many smartwatches have proceeded Apple Watch, but this is the wearable that’s best poised to validate wrist computers among mainstream consumers.


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