Sony's Playstation Vue streaming TV service arriving in the next few weeks, but there's a catch

If Dish's Sling TV didn't offer quite enough to get you to cut the cord (and to be fair, the offering is intended for folks who don't subscribe to a cable provider rather than being an attempt to get us to ditch cable) there's another option coming soon: Playstation Vue from Sony.

We've talked about Playstation Vue a few times before and early reports indicate it's going to offer more channels than Sling, including the major networks but excluding ESPN. Of course we don't yet know how much it's going to cost (Sling is only $20/month) and it may be priced accordingly.

The good news is that all our questions should be answered sometime in the next couple of weeks. The Wall Street Journal quotes Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House as saying Playstation Vue will arrive within two weeks. The bad news is that it'll initially only be available in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. The service should be available nationwide by the end of the year. The other catch is that you'll need a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 to watch the service, at least initially.

I'm not in any of those three cities so I'll have to be patient, but I'm excited that we'll have concrete information on cost, channel lineup and features soon. (In particular I'm hoping for a consistent "DVR" experience across channels; an area where Sling really struggles.)

But wait, there's more! If Vue turns out to be a bust and Sling ain't your thing (sorry, I couldn't help myself) there's yet another streaming service inbound, this one from Verizon. The as yet unnamed service is coming this summer, according to a post on Re/Code and one partner will be Dreamwork's Animation who will bring AwesomenessTV and DreamWorksTV channels to the service. Verizon says they'll offer over 200 hours of programming from DreamWorks.

It sounds like Verizon's focus will be on mobile devices, but hopefully we'll see the service arrive on streaming boxes and game consoles as well. You can read Verizon's press release for more details.

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