Take free programming courses taught by Microsoft experts at EdX

Microsoft is teaming up with EdX to offer free online computer courses, most of them in programming and professional development

edx microsoft courses

Freee online programming courses are a dime a dozen these days, but Micrososft is getting in on the game too. This week, Microsoft became EdX's first corporate member to offer MOOCs (massive open online course) on edX.org. 

edx microsoft courses

Seven courses are available to start that will get you the "core development skills needed to be successful in the cloud-first, mobile-first world" in topics like TypeScript, building cloud apps with Microsoft Azure, programming with C#, Bootstrap, querying with Transact-SQL, Windows PowerShell Fundamentals, and Office 365 APIs. 

So they're very specific technologies Microsoft is more or less invested in. All except the PowerShell Fundamentals course are free. That one, marked as a certified prefessional education course is $200.

Enrollment has started, with courses beginning at the end of march, and hopefully this is just the start of more online courses we can use to expand our skills.

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