5 great free March Madness apps for iOS and Android

Want help picking out a winning March Madness bracket, and streaming games to your iOS or Android device? Then check out these five great apps, each a winner, and each free.

NCAA March Madness Live

The official app for March Madness is available for both iOS and Android. It will stream every game straight to your mobile device, although to do that you'll need an account with a cable or satellite TV provider. Without that account, you can only see games that CBS broadcasts. It does more than stream, though, and provides information about the games as they're played. And you can also see highlights from games that have already finished.

Realtime Brackets

If you're in a March Madness pool, hope always springs eternal before the games begin and in the earliest rounds. However, once you get to the later ones, there's a good chance your bracket are busted, and you become a disinterested bystander. That's why you'll want to try out this app for iOS and Android. It sets up brackets that lets you make changes to your picks while the tournament is still in progress. In fact, you can even switch during the games themselves. That way, you're rarely out of the running.

ESPN Tournament Challenge

You would expect the world's largest sports network to have a great March Madness app, and it delivers. Available for both iOS and Android, it lets you create pools and brackets, and get stats and information.

CBS Sports

CBS will broadcast the lion's share of the games, including all the games in the final rounds, so it's worth getting its app for iOS and Android. Stream the games, listen to CBS radio broadcasts, track teams, and get notifications. It also updates your bracket choices with the latest results.

Yahoo Tourney Pick-Em

If you use Yahoo to create your brackets and pool, use its app for Android or iOS to track the games and your brackets.

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