Play a Google autocomplete game with Google Feud

Google Feud shows you what people are really searching for. It's maddening and addictive

google feud can i perform my own

Think you know what people want answers for, what they really search for? Google Feud shows you that the top ten answers on the board are... completely (probably) not what you expect.

Created by Justin Hook, writer and web weaver, Google Feud turns Google autocomplete--real questions and results--into the famous Family Feud game show format. Pick a category--culture, people, names, or questions--and you'll be presented with the start of a Google search, such as "Is it possible to..." and then you have to guess what the most popular Google searches are finishing that term.

google feud can i perform my own

You won't believe the things people search for.

Apparently, the internet would like to know if it is possible to 1) get taller, 2) teleport, 3) get shorter, 4) lose a pound a day, 5) fly, 6) be allergic to water, 7) be pregnant and not know it, 8) alter fingerprints, 9) go back in time, and 10) ovulate early.

I am terrible at this game, but perhaps you've got your pulse on the currents of the web and want to give this a try. It's an interesting game, entertaining but also baffling and perhaps insightful for those of us who work in the web content field and want to give users the answers they want. You might be surprised.

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