Want to get 34 free Android apps worth $105 from Amazon? Here's how.

Credit: Amazon

There may be no free lunch, but for today and tomorrow there are plenty of free Android apps you can get from Amazon -- 34 of them, which normally cost a total of $105.

Amazon is giving away the apps to celebrate the fourth birthday of its app store. The promotion ends tomorrow, March 21, so you have to act fast to get them.

Included in the giveaway is the exceedingly popular Five Nights at Freddy's 2 horror game, which normally costs $2.99. At the moment, it's the fifth most popular paid Android app in the Google Play Store. There are also some pricey apps being made available for free, including EasyTether for $9.99, which lets you share you Android phone's connection with a PC. Also normally $9.99 is NeoCal Advanced Calculator, which as its name implies is a powerful calculator. Another $9.99 app that is free for now is HanDBase Database Manager, a relational database manager. In all, there are 20 games and 14 apps that normally cost money that you can get for free. Here's the full list.

The apps are available only from the Amazon App Store, but if you don't have an Amazon phone or tablet, fear not, because you can still get them, and they'll run on a non-Amazon device. Download the Amazon App Store to your Android device, and you can get all 34 apps for free.

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