Vessel launches and offers a free year of premium service to early adopters

Credit: Vessel

I've talked about Vessel a few times recently, offering thoughts on the beta and talking about exclusive content on the service.

My opinion of Vessel hasn't changed much since those earlier posts; I still like the service when I remember to go to it, but I'm still not certain they can convince people to buy a $2.99/month subscription to watch short-form videos. I hope they can because I'd like to see the service succeed and get pushed to more devices (right now it's limited to iOS and web browsers, with an Android version coming soon).

The good news is that now you can make up your own mind and it won't cost you anything. Vessel is out of beta and if you sign up today they'll give you a full year of premium access for free. Vessel launched yesterday and the deal is good for 72 hours but I'm not sure exactly when that 72 hour period ends. I suggest that if you're interested you sign up by early tomorrow to make sure you don't miss out.

I knew Vessel would have to offer a generous free trial to grow their audience but I wasn't expecting a full year. If after your year runs out you don't want to pay (or if you miss this special offer) Vessel does offer a free tier but you miss out on some timed exclusive content and you'll have to sit through ads. My advice is to sign up and give the service a chance.

If science is your thing, you can put that $2.99/month you're saving on Vessel towards CuriosityStream. This new streaming startup comes from John Hendricks, the man who founded the company behind The Discovery Channel, and it is dedicated to non-fiction content (primarily science and technology for the moment). CuriosityStream launched earlier this week and still feels a little bit like a work in progress (for instance their help section mentions using a Roku to access their content but I couldn't find them in the Roku channel listings) but you do get a month long trial (though entering a credit card is required). That $2.99 gets you ad-free SD streaming. If you want to watch in HD you have to get the $5.99/month plan which feels a little high to me but I've just started using the service; we'll see how I feel after a month.

CuriosityStream has both iOS and Android apps, or of course you can watch via web browser.

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