Here's what the carriers will charge you for a Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
Credit: Galen Gruman / IDG

The major carriers are now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S6, expected to ship April 10. I've got pricing details so you can decide whether it's time to buy.

One big question about the Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally been answered --- how much will it cost? If you buy one without a contract, you'll have to pay between $600 and $685 for the 32 GB version. If you've instead got your heart set on the higher-end Edge, expect to pay up to $129 more.

Verizon has got the S6 off-contract at the best price, $600. If you instead buy it with a two-year contract, you'll pay $200 after a $50 mail-in rebate. The Edge costs $700 at Verizon without contract, and $300 with one, again, after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Over at AT&T, you'll pay substantially more for an off-contract S6 -- $685 for it, and a whopping $814 if you want to buy the Edge off-contract. You don't need to pay all of that upfront. You can instead pay it off over 30 months, $22.84 per month for the S6, and $27.17 for the Edge. You can also pay off in 20 months, and pay more each month. However, the two-year contract price at AT&T is identical to that of Verizon, $200 for the S6, and $300 for the Edge. In both cases, no mail-in rebate is required.

T-Mobile charges $680 for the S6. You don't have to pay all of that upfront, and can instead pay $28.33 for 24 months. The Edge sells for $780, with a 24-month plan also available, at $31.66 per month.

As for Sprint, it hasn't yet announced final pricing details. But there's a lease plan of $80 per month for both phone and cell service for the S6. For the Edge, the cost will be $85 per month. Sprint's Boost Mobile division, which offers pre-paid plans, will sell the S6 for $650 without a contract.

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