Every day is World Backup Day

Technically, that's not true. World Backup Day is March 31st. But let's back up every day.

This is probably the least sexy, least celebrated holiday. (Okay, there's a Lumpy Rug Day and Organize Your Files Week, but World Backup Day probably ranks right up there with most people.) It's not really a holiday, though. It's a reminder to check your backups and pat yourself on the back for protecting your important documents and memories.

A good backup system is working around the clock, so it doesn't matter if you're reading this on March 31st or any other day. Ideally, you'll have regular, automatic local and offsite backups. For local backups, set up Time Machine backups if you're on a Mac or File History backups if you're on Windows to an external hard drive. For offsite backups, unlimited online backup services like Crashplan or Backblaze are dirt cheap at around $5 a month. And for extra credit, create a third backup of your most important files to a different storage medium, such as Blu-Ray discs, to future-proof your files.

Nearly a third of people don't have any backups at all, so just one of these automated solutions is better than nothing. Whether it's World Backup Day or any other day of the year, now's the best time to make sure your files are being protected--and to do a test restore to make sure your backups are actually working. (Take it from someone who's seen too many hard drive failures and file errors.) After all, a backup is only as good as your ability to access those files. Happy World Backup Day, today!

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