HBO coming to Sling TV in time for this season's Game of Thrones premiere

The exclusive deal that Apple has with HBO is getting weaker and weaker as time passes. You'll remember that when HBO Now, HBO's new online-only service (no cable subscription required) was announced it was said to be coming first to Apple devices with a 3 month exclusivity window. Then we learned that it'll be available from Optimum Online during the same time period.

Now it seems that HBO is coming to Sling TV, the streaming-only TV service from Dish that we've talked about before. Better still, according to the press release it'll be available in time for the April 12th premiere of Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

Now to be fair this isn't technically HBO Now. You'll get one HBO channel as well as "the same extensive VOD library HBO provides on its other platforms." How is that different from HBO Now? To be honest I'm not sure. Speculation on my part, but I don't think HBO Now has the concept of a 'live channel' but instead is just the VOD library with content hitting On Demand at the same time it goes live. In a streaming environment this all starts to feel like semantics.

To get HBO on Sling TV you'll need the basic Sling package for $20/month, and HBO will cost an addtional $15/month. That's the same you'd pay for HBO Now and about the same you'd pay your cable provider if you're not getting HBO as part of a deal or a bundle.

You can watch Sling TV on your Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or your Xbox One. You can also access it on mobile iOS or Android devices. So if you're not a cable subscriber and don't have an Apple TV, and you really want to watch Game of Thrones later this month, now you have a way (albeit an expensive way if all you want is HBO but you may find the 20 networks in Sling's basic package are worth $20/month).

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