Test and protect your home Wi-Fi router in one click

Take this two-second checkup to make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure

router check

Wi-Fi routers are attractive targets for hackers. Once in, they can reroute your traffic to fake websites, steal your information, and spread malware. This simple online tool checks if your router is safe from this DNS hijacking.

The router checker comes from security software provider F-Secure Safe, which explains how hackers try to change the settings of routers, computers, and phones in order to trick us into visiting malicious sites. It happens more than you might think--in 2014 alone, F-Secure found that 300,000 office and home routers were hijacked. Click on the button to test your router and the site will check your DNS server's IP address to verify they're legit.

Click on the button in the link above to test your router, and the site will check to make sure your traffic is connecting to a safe server. Hopefully, you'll see this:

router check

If not, you should reset the router to the factory defaults, update the firmware, and take further measures to secure your network, such as using WPA2 and changing the router login with a strong password.

[h/t BGR]

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