Tired of being an adware target? Nuke it all with this free adware killer.

ultra adware killer
Credit: Preston Gralla

Want to clean your system of all the adware that's accumulated on it? I've got a winning program that'll do it for you --- and it's free.

It's called Ultra Adware Killer, and it does just what its name says: It finds adware on your Windows system, then kills it for you.

Download it and run the executable -- one nice thing about it is that there's only that one file, so it doesn't junk up your system. Run the file, click Start Scan, and it shows you a list of what it considers adware, in multiple categories: File objects, Registry entries, and others. Click Cleanup, and it gets ride of it all.

There are several caveats, though. You may not necessarily agree with what the program has identified as adware. For example, it lists tools like the AVG Security Toolbar which you may or may not want to get rid of. So you should first go through the entire list of what it identifies, and uncheck the boxes next to each item you don't want deleted.

You probably won't know some of the things it calls adware. So right-click any item you're not sure about and choose Open Item Location. That will open File Explorer to the place where the file resides. That can help you identify what it is.

By itself, that might not provide enough information about whether you want to delete the item. So do a Web search for it as well.

One more caveat: Close all of your open browsers before you run the scan. If you don't, the program will close the browser for you, and you might lose information. And it's also a good idea to have the program create a Restore Point for you, in case you want to restore your system if you realized you deleted something you didn't want to. So leave the box checked next to "Create restore point" in the Removal area.

Do all that, and you'll go a long way towards a cleaner system, free of adware.

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