2 quick tips for working with multiple email accounts in Gmail for Android

It's easier now to manage mail from multiple accounts on Android

gmail multiple accounts
Credit: Google

Between your work email and at least one personal email address, you're probably used to juggling multiple email accounts, perhaps using a desktop email program because it gives you quick access to all your email. Gmail for Android offers a few useful ways to use multiple email addresses. Here are two tricks for simplifying your email life on the go.

Last week, Google updated Gmail for Android with several handy features including: an "All inboxes" view to see your emails across your accounts, conversation view for non-Gmail accounts, and improved search with auto-complete. So the first thing you should do is head to the Google Play store and update Gmail, if the app isn't already updated on your phone or tablet.

The All inboxes view, as the name implies, pulls in your inbox from the multiple accounts you've added to Gmail (which you can do by swiping right from the left of the screen, then clicking the down-arrow next to your email address and tapping "Add account"). It doesn't pull in all email, however, such as ones that skip your inbox. To see those emails across your accounts, scroll down in that left navigation pane to the label "All mail." That label will show you all the emails in your Gmail-only accounts but not IMAP/POP or Exchange accounts--so it could come in handy if you have two or more Gmail accounts and want to see them together but not your outside accounts.

The second trick is something that might be obvious to you, but was an "aha!" moment for me when reading this post on TechRepublic. When you swipe right from the left side of the screen to get the left menu, you'll see bubbles or circles above your email address. Tapping on one of those bubbles quickly switches you to your other account(s). (I don't know what that never occurred to me, but if you, too, have been using the less efficient method of tapping the down arrow next to your email address and then tapping your other email address, this will save you some time.)

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