Playstation Now streaming game subscriptions now available on Sony Blu-ray players and TVs

Yesterday Sony announced that you can now sign up for a Playstation Now subscription on 2015 Sony Blu-ray players in the US and select 2014 Sony TVs in the US and Canada (a full list of supported TVs is in the FAQ). OK so why is this newsworthy?

Let's back up a bit. Playstation Now is Sony's streaming game service. Playstation 3 games run on Sony's servers and (assuming you've got the bandwidth to handle the service) and you stream sounds and audio to a local device and your input streams back up to the servers. All the heavy lifting happens remotely so your local hardware requirements are very low. You can rent games individually on Playstation Now, or you can access a selection of games for a flat monthly fee via subscription.

On the one hand, it's pretty cool that all you need is a PS3 controller and your TV can suddenly be transformed into a game console. On the other hand, TVs and Blu-ray players are a weird place for Sony to be focused on, because you still can't subscribe to Playstation Now on the Playstation Vita/TV or the Playstation 3. You can rent games from Playstation Now individually on these devices, so this isn't a technical issue, it's a business decision.

I can let this slide when it comes to the Playstation 3 since most of the games on Playstation Now can be had for cheaper at your local game store, and why stream a game when you can play it locally for less money? The lack of Vita and Playstation TV support seems like a bigger deal. One of the more frequent complaints about these platforms is that they don't have enough (or enough of a variety of) games, and what better and easier way to solve that than bringing the Playstation Now Subscription library to these platforms? Playstation Now is a particularly good fit for Playstation TV since it's got an Ethernet port and supports a PS3 controller. It'd be nice for Sony to give us some kind of indicator that they still care about the Vita and Playstation TV but instead they continue treating these platforms as if they'v been abandoned. 

If this annoys you too, you might be able to strike back for once! If you bought a Vita before June 1, 2012 you're probably eligible for a $25 settlement in a false advertising suit. The suit had to do with ads showing flawless remote play between a Vita and a PS3 (for example in one ad a user shut down his PS3, grabbed his Vita and continued playing right from where he'd left off). To get your $25 head over to and print out the form.

The only catch is that you'll need to provide your receipt, a side panel from the box the Vita came in or "other information and materials that reasonably prove that you are an Eligible Purchaser of the PlayStation Vita before June 1, 2012."

You have until the end of June to get your completed form and supporting evidence delivered to the address on the form. Yes, it's a really retro experience; you have to fill out the form and mail it in. And in case you think that Vitaclaims site looks sketchy, rest assured the official Playstation site links to it.

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