Don't track me Google forces Google search to show actual links

Get rid of Google's ugly tracking URL and hide your search terms from other sites with this extension

Ever notice that Google's search results don't offer the actual link to the websites, but instead a long redirection link? Not only does this make it impossible to right-click to copy the link, the URL sends referral information (e.g., your search terms) to the sites you visit through Google search. There's a fix for that.

Don't Track Me Google is a userscript created by StackExchange user Rob W. Install the Chrome extension and the script changes the tracking URL to the actual site's URL and hides the referrer for increased privacy:

dont track me google

As someone who copies links from search results regularly, this is a huge timesaver (instead of having to visit the site just to get the page address), and the privacy addition is a nice bonus.

If you use Firefox or another browser, there are other methods you can try posted on Lifehacker.

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