Make any standard outlet charge your gadgets over USB, no hardwiring required

Upgrade your home to be more tech-friendly, no electrical skills required

snappower how it works
Credit: SnapPower

Some day soon, all our homes will be gadget-friendly. We'll wirelessly charge our phones on our tables, unlock our doors with our watches, and replace our monitors with our walls. Some of this is already being developed or available now, but perhaps the most universally desired tech home upgrade: USB chargers built into our power outlets.

By adding a USB charger to an outlet, you save one precious outlet and can ditch the bulky phone and tablet adapters. We've had USB-powered outlet solutions before, but these required some electrical know-how to install them. The SnapPower Charger, on the other hand, requires none. You just need to unscrew the current outlet cover plate and replace it with a SnapPower cover, and you've instantly added USB charging to your outlet.

snappower SnapPower

(Turn off the power first.)

It's a smart solution to a common problem or need. The SnapPower is a 1-amp USB charger built into an outlet cover plate and works by drawing power from screws on the side of the outlet.

SnapPower is being funded on Kickstarter and has already made its $35K goal ($660K pledged so far), with less than a month to go. If you back it now, with a pledge of $30, you'll get 2 outlet/chargers with an estimated August 2015 delivery. 

Seems like an easy and inexpensive way to modernize and upgrade your home.

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