Microsoft has released a whole lot of patches today, a week after Patch Tuesday

Head to Windows Update for a bunch of optional Windows fixes

Patch Tuesday has come and gone, but you're not done updating Windows yet! Microsoft released over 20 optional updates this afternoon, most of them with various fixes for Windows 8.

A few sites, like gHacks, noted earlier in the day that there would be a massive number of optional updates from Microsoft. When I head to Windows Update, though, I see 22 available optional updates, rather than the 34 predicted.

Still, it's a lot of updates that you might miss if you don't have automatic updates installed or have de-selected the option to get recommended updates the same way you get important updates.

The patches all say they resolve issues in Windows, but to find out the specific issues you have to head to the updates knowledgebase. My brief check found updates that fix OneDrive from freezing or crashing when syncing some folders, issues with the automatic brightness settings in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2, and other Windows process crashes.

As optional updates rather than important ones, these aren't related to important security issues, but if you have any performance concerns or issues with Windows, it might be worth running a Windows Update now even if it isn't Patch Tuesday.

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