Hulu deal with Turner brings some excellent animated content to the service

Yesterday Hulu announced a deal that should delight fans of animated TV series. Starting on May 1st the service is going to be home to a selection of content from the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, thanks to a deal with Turner Broadcasting.

Hulu says that some of this content has never been available on a subscription service before, and calls out Adult Swim shows "Rick and Morty," "Black Jesus," "NTSF:SD:SUV" as well as Cartoon Network original series such as "The Amazing World of Gumball," "Steven Universe," "Over the Garden Wall" and "Clarence."

I'm not familiar with any of this newer stuff, but what excites me is some of the older classics like "Dexter's Laboratory" which ran from 1996–2003 and "The Venture Bros." (kind of a parody on the old "Jonny Quest" cartoons from the 1960s) which began back in 2003 and is still running today, though it has gone on hiatus a few times. Also called out by name are "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "Ben 10," "Robot Chicken, "Adventure Time" and "Regular Show." Tragically not mentioned (though I'm still hoping): "The Powerpuff Girls."

Of these titles, I can personally recommend "Dexter's Laboratory" (which is family friendly but funny for both kids and adults) and "The Venture Bros" (which is not meant for the little ones) though I have adult friends who swear by many of these titles.

In addition to animated content the deal also includes some live action stuff including TNT's "The Last Ship" and "Murder in the First." Hulu says they will "...also be the streaming home to additional future series that will premiere on TNT and TBS over the coming years."

One last factoid to sweeten the pot: The Cartoon Network content is all streamed ad-free in the "Hulu Kids" section of the service.

I was just thinking about letting my Hulu Plus account lapse since there's so much good content on Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Go these days (did you hear Netflix's Daredevil is getting a second season?) but now I have a new reason to stay around a while longer. And I'm sure that's exactly the impact Hulu was hoping the announcement of this deal would have.

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