What the Apple Watch can teach kids [CARTOON]

Kids aren’t familiar with the darndest things

Cartoon of kids playing on monkey bars talking about the Apple Watch
Credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

Last week, I helped to chaperone a week-long school trip for my 7th grader and her classmates. It was a summer camp-type of place and the kids weren’t allowed to bring smartphones or tablets or any such devices (luckily, the adults could). While the kids were too busy having fun romping through the woods, learning how to build fires, and looking for frogs to miss their devices, there was one problem: Without their phones, the kids had to always ask adults what time it was. Not a single one (that I saw) had a watch, which made me wonder if they even knew what watches are. I’m going to guess that they do, but if any of them don’t, the Apple Watch, which is now shipping, will teach them what it means to have a clock on their wrist, as well as a web browser. Sigh.

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