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How to kill all crapware and adware from Chrome

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Want to make sure Chrome is free from toolbars you don't want, browser-hijackers, and other crapware and adware? Check out this simple tool from Google that kills them all with a few clicks.

Google's Software Removal Tool is a small, simple download that does it for you. It's labeled as being in beta, but that doesn't mean much, considering how long other Google services such as Gmail were called betas.

Download it, then run it. The small application scans Chrome for crapware and adware and anything else that can cause crashes, deliver unwanted ads, snoop on you, hijack your start page, or "otherwise change your browsing experience," in Google's words. It'll then remove them for you.

After that, it will ask you whether you want to reset Chrome, which means clearing your cache and cookies, removing your extensions, and resetting your settings. Think of this as the nuclear option. Only use it if you really need to.

To see what actions to tool took, go to the folder where you ran the tool, and look for a text file named software_removal_tool.log. It'll show you all the nitty-gritty details.

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