My favorite new Chrome extension lets me keep 47 tabs open

The Great Suspender is pretty great

I have a too-many-tabs bad habit, and Chrome doesn't play well with more than a dozen tabs open. But with The Great Suspender extension, you don't have to worry anymore about Chrome crashing the next time you open yet another tab.

The extension isn't new--we highlighted it last year in our 10 Chrome tab tricks slideshow, but I only recently discovered it and am now wondering how I ever got along without it.

The Great Suspender, as the name suggests, suspends tabs that you haven't used for a period of time, freeing up Chrome's memory usage. The tabs are still there and if you need them again, you just have to click to reload. You can whitelist some sites so they never get suspended.

It doesn't work with an unlimited number of tabs open. Chrome did crash for me with 47 tabs open (don't judge me, please. I was doing a lot of research that day). But that's still a record for me.

I still like One-Tab for saving all open tabs into one list and reducing memory usage. Combined, these two extensions are the one-two punch for using Chrome without it eating up all your system's memory.

sdSuspension Labs
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