A mid-life tech crisis [CARTOON]

You know you’re getting old when mastering new technology no longer comes easy

Cartoon about a dad who's Snapchat is stuck blinking 12:00
Credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson

I’ve finally realized that I’m now old. I realized this not because of my age (45, or, as I prefer to think of it, my late-early 40s) but rather because, for the first time, I’ve finally run into a technology that I’ve had trouble mastering: Snapchat. I signed up for it recently because it’s the main form of electronic communication my two teenaged daughters use. Pretty quickly, though, despite their attempts to explain how easy it is to use, I became baffled by the whole thing. Why do the videos stop when I take my finger off the screen? What are stories? Why can’t I go back and see an old message? Bah, I give up. GET OFF MY LAWN! It’s only a matter of time, I figure, before Snapchat on my phone is permanently blinking 12:00.

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