Could Dish Network be your next cellular provider?

Sitting on a huge amount of wireless spectrum and in need of growth, the satellite TV provider looks to mobile.

Earlier this year, Dish Network, a satellite TV provider, spent a fortune to acquire wireless spectrum licenses from a government auction, outbidding Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The company now sits on an estimated $50 billion worth of wireless spectrum. And now it seems the company is going to put it to use.

Yahoo Finance reports that Dish is intends to become the only provider to offer wireless voice, video and data services. Yahoo obtained an internal document from Dish that indicates it is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer to help guide its entry into wireless.

The document is labeled “confidential” and says the new CMO will be an integral part of the team "that changes entertainment forever as Dish enters the wireless business and becomes the only provider that can offer wireless voice, video and data." This begs the question of what will happen to current CMO James Moorhead.

The wireless market looks like a crowded one, but in fact most of the secondary players use the networks of the big four – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Boost Wireless uses Sprint and Net10 uses Verizon, just to name two. Google has its own wireless network in the works, Google Fi, but it will use a combination of Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi.

Plus, Dish has another looming competitive headache. It runs second to DirecTV in the satellite TV market, and AT&T is about to acquire DirecTV. So AT&T, which has its own cable TV network in U-verse, will be a direct competitor with a more comprehensive package than Dish. So it may have no choice but to jump in the wireless market just to stay competitive.

The company recently reported first quarter earnings and held a conference call with analysts and it was asked what it would do with all that spectrum, and the company's top executives said they are still in talks with potential partners but that it had nothing firm to disclose.

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