Google's new privacy hub shows what the company knows about you

Find out what information you're giving away to Google

google privacy hub

You probably already know that everything you search, share, or otherwise engage with Google is information the company can use--for marketing and advertising purposes and to strengthen Google overall. But what exactly is being recorded? Googles new privacy and security hub gives you a the details.

Head to to check your security settings, personal info and publicly shared data, and account preferences for Google's services--not just Gmail or Google Search, but YouTube and Google Maps as well. Naturally, for each settings page, Google will tell you the benefits of keeping data sharing with Google on. If you disagree, however, you can adjust those settings.

The Google privacy hub now gives you more control or at least a better overview in one place of the data that you're sharing with Google. Other companies similarly collect your shared or history data, but not all of them give you a close look at the settings and data history for your account. This is a good step forward.

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