ARM rolls out an IoT-optimized processor core, development tools

While licensees have made their own IoT devices, ARM has not made much of a push up to now.

ARM, the CPU technology development firm that creates core designs rather than makes its own chips, has introduced a new hardware subsystem for building customized semiconductors for smart connected devices as well as a tooling suite to reduce time to create SoCs used in an IoT device.

The ARM IoT subsystem for the ARM Cortex-M microprocessors is designed for use with the company’s processor and radio technologies, physical intellectual property and ARM’s mbed operating system, used to power ARM-based micrcontrollers.

The subsystem was developed in partnership with the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., or TSMC. The subsystem features a range of peripherals and interfaces, including TSMC's ultra-low-power embedded flash memory and Cordio Bluetooth Smart radio. ARM says it is also possible to integrate other radios and wireless networking standards such as Wi-Fi and 802.15.4.

ARM also introduced a new suite of IP tools for rapidly building ARM SoCs. Since ARM doesn't make final products, its licensees do, they need the tools to make their own unique chip. This new toolset enables SoC designers to configure, create and assemble IP-based systems in just days rather than months. ARM claims an eight-fold improvement in assembly schedule using an ARM Cortex-A72 processor.

The new IP tooling suite consists of ARM's Socrates DE for configuration and assembly, CoreSight Creator and CoreLink Creator to quickly build test cases for debug, trace and system interconnect testing.

Additionally, CoreLink Creator will configure and help implement the new CoreLink NIC-450 Network Interconnect, the follow-on to the widely-adopted CoreLink NIC-400.

Socrates DE and CoreSight Creator are available now for immediate licensing while CoreLink Creator and CoreLink NIC-450 will be available for delivery in the second half of this year.

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