Western Digital subsidiary raises the storage bar to 10TB

Drive is aimed at cloud storage and online backup providers.

With the fast-charging growth in cloud storage, you have to think that the providers would be demanding higher capacity drives to get more storage in the cabinets. Well they are getting their wish.

HGST, the former Hitachi hard drive division that has since been acquired by Western Digital, announced an enterprise-class HelioSeal brand 10TB hard drive aimed at applications with deep archive needs. As the name implies, the Ultrastar Archive Ha10 is filled with helium, which is said to help reduce friction in the spinning platter and increase the drive's life span.

The Ultrastar Archive also uses another Hitachi creation, Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), to write data to the disk. SMR increases the storage density, but comes at a slight performance cost. This makes it best suited for archival drives, which is what the Ha10 is.

"By layering SMR on top of helium, we are enabling massively scalable TCO-driven storage solutions with the performance and durability necessary for the long-term retention of archived data,” Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing at HGST, said in a statement.

HGST has released smaller Helium-filled drives in past years, in 4TB and 6TB capacity, but the SMR feature is new. The 10TB drive has a 5-year warranty and 2,000,000-hour mean time between failures, a generous warranty.

HGST said the drive is specifically built for cloud providers, online backup providers, and others with deep archival needs where data is only read occasionally. With its 7,200 RPM speed and SATA II interface, it's not meant as a high IO drive; that's what SSDs and its high performance Ultrastar drives are for.

HGST said it is working with driver vendors to offer HBA support and will provide an open source SDK for Linux development. HGST plans to work with the open source community to help white box system builders using Linux.

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