Which Android apps are spying on you? This app lets you know -- and takes action.

Credit: Spyaware

Worried that your Android apps are spying on you and reporting the results to someone? Now there's an app that lets you know -- and takes action as well.

The app is called SpyAware Mobile Security. The basic version is available for free, but if you want to get lets more information about what's spying on you, you'll have to pay $2.99 for the Pro version.

The app checks on what your apps do, whether they're invading your privacy, how much data your device uploads when it's supposedly idle, how many times your location has been access by apps, and much more. It will even tell you where your data is being sent.

The free version gives your device an overall risk score, and shows you how much data was taken when your phone was idle, including data received and data sent. It tells you how many apps are accessing your data, how many times your location has been accessed, and shows you the total number of vulnerabilities you have.

It also lists the apps that track you. But it doesn't give vital details for each app. For that you need to upgrade for $2.99. When you do, you'll find out a great deal of information, including where the data was sent for each app, how many vulnerabilities each has, the amount of data taken, and even a world map showing you where your data was sent. It also lets you take action, such as uninstalling the app, sharing the app threat report via social networking sites, posting a review about it, and complaining to the FCC.

So if you want to know the basics about how your privacy is being invaded, you get it for free. But to know a lot more, you'll have to fork over the $2.99. It's up to you to decide how much knowing about your privacy is worth.

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