How to disable Twitter's new video autoplay feature

Does anyone like videos that start automatically?

Twitter has started rolling out a new "feature" that will automatically play videos posted on the network. Autoplay is obnoxious, but at least you can turn this setting off.

The auto-playing videos are muted unless you tap or click on the video and for mobile users, auto-play only kicks in if you're connected to Wi-Fi, but they're still distracting and can cause additional battery drain. Animated images and videos from Vine also play automatically on Twitter, gHacks reports.

You can change this default behavior by heading to your account settings and then in the General section under "Content" look for the "video tweets" option. Uncheck "Video autoplay."

In the iPhone Twitter app, tap the gear icon and go to Settings. Again, you can uncheck the Video autoplay option.

Autoplaying videos might be great for marketers and advertisers, but I don't know any end user who wants them. At least you can turn it off here and on Facebook.

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