Download free technical ebooks from Linux Journal

These new Geek Guides are very geeky but also practical

geek guides
Credit: Melanie Pinola

The editors at Linux Journal have just rolled out a handful of free ebooks you can download with a one-time registration. The tagline is "practical books for the most technical people on the planet." 

8 books are currently available:

  • Taking Control of Growing Redis No SQL Server Clusters
  • Linux in the Time of Malware
  • Apache Web Servers and SSL Encryption
  • Build a Private Cloud for Less Than $10,000
  • Slow Down to Speed Up: Continuous Quality Assurance in a DevOps Environment
  • Enterprise Monitoring Success
  • Beyond Cron: How to Know When You've Outgrown Cron Scheduling--and What to Do Next
  • The DevOps Toolbox

As you can see, these are highly technical and specialized subjects, but if you work in IT one or more of these titles could interest you.

You can sign up for a newsletter to learn when new books are available on the site as well. Free ebooks--whether from Linux Journal or Microsoft--are always welcome.

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