Showtime partnering with Hulu to expand the reach of its new streaming service

Showtime and Hulu
Credit: Hulu

A couple of weeks back we talked about Showtime's new streaming service that is coming soon. (We don't know exactly when, but it will arrive in time for the the season premiere of Masters of Sex on July 12th.)

One of the downsides of the announcement was that the service would initially be limited to Apple devices. Now that has changed and for some users the deal just got even sweeter.

First of all Showtime is now listing the Roku and Playstation Vue (in addtion to Apple gear) as platforms the service will be on soon. It's not clear if that means at launch or if it means shortly after but there's at least hope that those of us who prefer Roku to Apple TV will be supported in the near future.

Playstation Vue is currently pretty niche, available only in a few cities, but Sony has announced a nationwide rollout of a la carte streaming channels for the service, which leads me to wonder if Showtime will be part of that rollout.

But the most interesting news is a partnership with Hulu. If you're a $7.99/month subscriber to Hulu (the service formerly known as Hulu Plus), you can add Showtime for an extra $8.99/month rather than the $10.99/month it'll cost on other platforms. Not only does this save you a couple of bucks but it means you can get streaming Showtime on any device that supports Hulu. That includes Chromecast, the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Amazon Fire TV and others.

This seems like a great deal for both companies. Hulu gets another perk to offer to subscribers and Showtime gets its content on a bunch of streaming devices right from the start. Hulu is infamous for serving up ads even to its subscribers, but don't worry. Showtime via Hulu will be ad-free.

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