Nanodegrees could be a shortcut to a rewarding career in tech

Udacity's new "nanodegrees" provides courses built in partnership with tech giants like Google, Facebook, and AT&T

Credit: Melanie Pinola

If you're thinking of changing or advancing into a developer or data analyst career, this online certification program might be for you.

It's offered by Udacity, which has long been offering online tech courses. However, the relatively new "nanodegree" curriculum is designed to prepare you for a job, with the technical skillls employers say they are seeking and want demonstrated. Udacity's partner companies help devlop the curricula. AT&T also offers paid internships to graduates of the programs when there's a potential job match.

While the materials for each course are free, to get the nanodegree certificate, you need to pay for the program, at $200/month. Most programs take between 6 and 12 months to complete. Some organizations such as Girls Who Code and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, offer scholarships for underserved students.

Currently, you can take courses in front-end web development, Android development, iOS development, data analysis, introduction to programming, and full-stack development.

It's one more resource if you're preparing for a job in tech or want to improve your technical skills. Learn more here.

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