Optimize your most important keyword on LinkedIn

If you're looking for a job or trying to build new network connections, your LinkedIn headline is very important

LinkedIn is the largest, most popular social network for professionals, which means setting up your profile on the site takes a bit more consideration than, say, creating your Facebook profile. Of all the elements of your LinkedIn profile, besides your profile photo, the headline is the most important for getting recruiters to notice you.

Career expert Donna Svei of Avid Careerist points out ten ways to increase your LinkedIn profile views. The top three tips involve your headline--the text that appears next to your name on your LinkedIn profile. It's also one of the only parts of your profile that comes up in search results next to your name, so it's vital you have your career keywords right in that area.

Donna's top three tips:

  1. Optimize your most important keyword. The first word is critical for getting listed at the top of the LinkedIn search results.
  2. Add click bait to your headline. "Click bait" sounds terrible, but you want to encourage recruiters looking at search results to click through to your profile, and unique, positive words that suggest a promising read (e.g., "double-digit sales & earnings growth") will do that.
  3. Customize your LinkedIn headline. Simply customizing your default headline, which pulls in your job title and current employer, would put you ahead of the game (ahead of 70% of LinkedIn members who don't change the default headline. Customize it to target the kinds of employers or career opportunities you're looking for.

Check out the other tips in the post, but if you only work on one area now (besides having a good profile photo), focus on your headline.

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